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Why is it worth to play Death Stranding now and here?

Why is it worth to play Death Stranding now and here? photo

The modern video games happen to be
plagued by bugs, server issues, balance issues, and poor content. However, this
is not the case of Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding. This type of game comes out once
in several years with the gradual discovery of mechanics and ideas by the
players as a part of the adventure. Of course, you can try the new Call of
Duty, but it’s not exactly a journey of discovery.

Learning by doing and sharing this
information with others has a special feeling, originating from a collective
experience. You could feel these emotions while sitting in the same room to
watch the Game of Thrones.

Being a combination of sci-fi epic and
delivery simulator, Death Stranding can be
viewed as the so-called appointment game due to its unusual visual graphics and
thrilling plot. Thus, it is definitely one of those games that are best
experienced while steaming hot. Is it a game for everyone? No, it is too odd to
be enjoyed by everyone. The story takes place in a dystopian future
where the main character of Sam Porter Bridges works for a hegemonic transportation
company called Bridges. A dystopian future resulted from a cataclysmic
paranormal event that filled the world with Birdbox-esque monsters called BTs. Standard
scenes from Death Stranding
are full of weird dialogues and rapid actions. The game is full of references
to astrology, social media, phantasy, etc. For instance, when people die their bodies
can explode in a big bang strong enough to wipe out the whole city. Sam,
lugging around a baby, can identify BTs. Let’s be honest, not many developers
could craft an expensive epic based on the most derided mechanics in order to
satirize modern freelance life and show how games themselves get closer to the
organization of work than play.

makes Death Stranding such a revelation is that it is risk-averse. Hideo Kojima
can be called a storyteller of engaging narration, but he is also a very
talented satirist. Thus, there are funny
moments to be laughed at. For instance, your character’s bodily fluids turn out
to be anathema to the ghostly “BTs” that are your major enemies.

After hearing all this, you may be thinking to
give up on this game. But you’d better ignore the critics. Hideo Kojima’s video
game is a masterpiece that might be slow, but it’s totally worth your attention.

Death Stranding’s major
theme is based on connection so that Kojima perceives a world in disarray. The
election of Donald Trump and the Brexit in the U.K. encouraged the creation of
the game. The modern world is affected by political processes so that it is
hard to be blind about it. If someone refuses to do that in their works, it
means that they ignore everything about politics.

It would be hard for someone in the gaming world to ignore technology completely. But innovations like social media have made it so easy to interact so that people forget to consider the humanity on the other end of a message. The last but not the least reason Death Stranding is worth your time is the game’s visual quality. Kojima stated on his Twitter that 70 percent of his body is made of cinematograph. From a totally aesthetic point of view, the game’s epic thrill, compositional perfection, and soaring score happen to be a strong case so that games can be as beautiful as the best sci-fi epics. If you’re interested in combining both cinematograph and video gaming, Kojima has created a very simple mode allowing almost anyone to make it to the end of the story.

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